Massage is one of the oldest forms of self and bodily care we know of; the process of massage encourages tone, relaxation and promotes healing within muscles. Every one of the massages we offer is designed to benefit not just that particular area of the body, but one’s overall health and wellbeing, as well


Each massage offered is designed to target and address specific parts of your muscular system, often working in tandem with the other systems in your body, therefore releasing the muscles in one part can shift the tension across your overall system. A relaxed back will hold tension in the legs and arms differently than it would when tight and constricted.

We are proud to offer a wide range of massage offerings, from a Swedish option which holds the whole body as a system, and works to calm the nervous system, to an aromatherapy massage, which combines sensory experiences with a massage to promote extensive relaxation and healing.

Some of our most popular massage offerings are the hot stone massage which combines heat and pressure to help the relaxation sink deep, to the chocolate massage, which is a delicious treat, designed to stimulate the senses, indulge in luxury, and it is followed by a deeply cleansing shower as well as a treat to eat. You won’t want to miss it.

 laviemedispa Massage

Stress relief Massage



It is our full body Swedish massage therapy which uses techniques that focuses on superficial layers of the muscle and enables to calm the nervous system and promote wellness. This gentle massage, customized to individual needs, uses aromatic blend of organic essential oils to invigorate the body and mind.

 laviemedispa Massage

Aromatherapy Massage



Our Aromatherapy massage is enhanced with the dōterra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils,  added to pure Almon oil to give you a great experience.

Inhaling essential oils through the nose is thought to promote beneficial changes in the mind and body by affecting the limbic system (a region of the brain known to influence the nervous system). The aromatic blend is tailored on your needs, it could be energising or relaxing or even aphrodisiac! 

 laviemedispa Massage
 laviemedispa Massage
Canva - masseur makes anticellulite mass
 laviemedispa Massage
 laviemedispa Massage

Hot Stone Massage



The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing our massage therapists to manipulate your deep tissues more effectively. Overly tense muscles can hinder the massage procedure, so if your muscles are extremely tight or stiff, the heated stones may provide the extra relaxation you need for the massage to be beneficial in releasing tension and easing sore muscles.

Relax Express

30 min


For those short on time, this massage is designed to help ease tight muscles through the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Anticellulite Massage



A cellulite reduction massage starts working on areas of the body to relax them and stimulate good blood flow. Regular massage with anti-cellulite massage oils helps with cellulite reduction. We use a combination of specific essential oil such as Grapefruit, Ginger, Peppermint etc, blended in pure Almond oil that stimulate the circulation and reduce the cellulite.

We suggest a minumum of 5 sessions on a weekly bases to see results.

Option: 60min for $120  

Lomi-Lomi Massage



Lomi Lomi means “to rub and roll”. It is a loving massage in that the practitioner touches and treats the client with love, respect and compassion. Lomi Lomi is also known as “loving hands”. It is a unique style of massage that sees the practitioner using their hands, forearms, elbows, fingers, feet, knees, and even sticks and stones to massage their client.

The massage works by stimulating the natural flow of energy within the body in order to bring about changes in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas. Stress and tension is released so that energy can flow freely once more. It is also deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

Chocolate Massage



Melt away stress, indulge your senses and warm your soul with a decadent Chocolate massage. When absorbed through the skin, the natural antioxidants of pure cocoa help to flush out impurities, reduce cellulite, improve circulation and help stimulate cell regeneration. The aromas encourage serenity and mental wellness while the cocoa will soften, tone, nourish, moisturize and protect your delicate skin.

The massage is followed by a warm shower and a Chocolate cream.