Brow Tint

Don’t Forget the Brow Tint

If you’ve been dying your hair--either to change the color for fun or because you’re covering gray hair, there is one thing that can ruin a great dye job. If your brows are a completely different color from your hair, it will be immediately obvious that you’ve been dying your hair. That’s why brow tint can be a great solution.
Tinting your brows yourself is not recommended. If you’ll read any dye package you’ll see that they always warn against dying brows at home. It can be very dangerous to have dye near your eyes, especially when you’re not taking proper precautions and utilizing the skills of an expert. Luckily, we offer this service here at La Vie Medispa. We take the worry out of this important job. Give us a call and schedule an appointment for a brow tint today. You’ll be pleased by the results of having the brow color you’ve always wanted.

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