Manicure & Pedicure

Unhappy hands and feet; unhappy you!

Your hands and feet are crying out for a spa day. Our Sydney-based spa will give you that utterly Australian, resort-like experience recommended by professionals. We use only natural botanicals, as we care about giving you that organic experience.

At La Vie, our ethos is to provide healing and relaxation in our busy, results-driven lives in the city. You don’t need to book an expensive hotel to get the treatments you have been so desperately waiting on for months. You don’t even need to leave the city, to block out the hustle and bustle!

How long has it been since you last treated yourself, and your cracked heels, chipped nails and tired feet? Book with us today!

Try our exquisite Deluxe Curative Pedicure, which includes a sea-salt hydromassage and a nail-painting session. It will leave you feeling completely relaxed, and as though you’ve just spent the day at the beach.

Maybe you are about to spend the day at the beach, and you know your feet need some rest and relaxation before they’re put on hot sand. Perhaps you’re feeling embarrassed, because it’s been a while since you gave your toes the glamorous coating they need. If you’re stuck for time on your lunch-break, try our Express Pedicure, which is a 30 minute nail-polishing experience.

It in no way disrupts the quality of the finished product; our spa specialists know that there is no time limit on beauty. Or try the Deluxe Manicure, including exfoliation, a warm soak, and a massage. Finish off with an expert coating of a nail colour; simple, but effective at making your hands feel new and fresh.

Finally, try an Express Manicure, which tidies up your nails in just 30 minutes.

Happy hands and feet; happy you!

Deluxe Curative Pedicure

 laviemedispa Manicure/Pedicure


60 min

This exquisite retreat for your feet includes a full soak in hydromassage sea salts, followed by remuval of callus and cuticole and some delicate treatment for your nails. Your therapist will then soothe the contours of your feet, massage the tension from your tired toes. Lastly, we’ll dress your nails with the colour of your choice. When it comes to your feet, we offer a comprehensive form of service! 

Express Pedicure

 laviemedispa Manicure/Pedicure


30 min

A quick and efficient delight for your nails with a file, cuticules remuval and buff, before coating them in the colour of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure

 laviemedispa Manicure/Pedicure

Express Manicure

 laviemedispa Manicure/Pedicure


50 min

A simple delight for your tired and cracked hands. This deluxe treatment includes a warm soak, exfoliation and massage to release any underlying tension, before coating your mittens in an enriched mask. Extensive cuticle and nail treatment is followed by coating your nails in the colour of your choice.


30 min

A general tidy up of your natural nails. Your manicure includes nail shape, buff, hand massage and a professional polish application.