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Life is good when your lashes are on point!

Get safe, customized eyelash extensions applied by a trained professional. Our eyelash stylists are experts in recommending the best lash extensions for your eye shape, so you can feel confident about the results of every application. We use the safest products around your eyes to provide the best results. Our eyelash extensions use premium synthetic materials curled to imitate real lashes. You can bat those eyelashes all day long with the confidence that your looks are exactly as you intended. 

Lash up and face the world with confidence!


Canva - Adult Woman Having Eyelash Exten

from $200

You are your own unique beautiful. We will design a custom set of lashes that enhances your natural beauty. 
During this consultation process, your stylist will ask you several questions that helps her better understand the lash look you’re after. She’ll then help you select the right lash application method, type and fullness level to get you there. At the same time, she’ll use her extensive knowledge of lash physiology and design to recommend the lash curl, lengths and thicknesses that complement your natural facial features and prioritize the health of your natural lashes.
You can go “classic” for a more natural look or pump up the “volume” for a fuller look. You can even do a combo of both with our “hybrid” application. 





Canva - Adult Woman Having Eyelash Exten


La Vie's Eyelash Lift is an upgrade from the old school lash perms. This Lash lift does not come infused with a lash tint however a tint can be added on as a service. Lash Lift are gaining major popularity for the simple fact upkeep is so easy. The difference is the ingredients and the time frame that this last. This lash lift lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Eyelash lift gives a great look to lashes that are very straight. Even men that have really straight lashes that poke their eyes gain a benefit to getting a lash lift. There is a variety of different curls, which allows us to make each lift look very natural or very tightly curled. Lash lifting also adds a great look when a client wants lash extensions but contains straight lashes. The benefit of getting a lash lift before extensions is that it will allow your line of vision to be clear of lashes, which is a great felling for someone with straight lashes. Not only does someone with straight lashes benefit from a lash lift but even if your lashes have a slight curl a nicer, perfected curl can be achieved by getting a lash lift.