Herbal Aktiv Peel

Have You Heard of the Herbal Aktiv Peel?

While there are many different types of skin peels on the market today, there is one in particular that is creating quite a bit of buzz in the beauty world. The Herbal Aktiv Peel is a natural skin peel, a resurfacing treatment in fact. Unlike other peels, there are no dangerous chemicals in place--instead, it peels the skin using natural ingredients.
The ingredients in the Herbal Aktiv Peel work together to reduce signs of aging and help you reach fresher, new skin by peeling away the old.
This peel can be adjusted in strength to help those people who need heavy or light treatment. It is particularly suited to those who have thickened, darkened and sun damaged skin. For many, the Herbal Aktiv Peel is a good solution to help you look your best without risking future damage to the skin. Contact your esthetician today to learn more about this treatment.